diabetesNo one ever plans on contracting diabetes, and certainly no one ever wants it. Some have no choice, but many adults can avoid it and see it coming if they are mindful of their body and health. Keep reading to learn five ways you can possibly prevent and avoid ever being diagnosed with diabetes.

1) Lose weight: Obesity and extra pounds are a huge risk factor for diabetes, so the more weight you can lose, the less chance you have of ever contracting the condition. Do this through any healthy combination of diet and exercise that you can muster.

2) Build muscle: Muscle mass regulates blood sugar levels immensely, and this can keep you from having the very blood sugar regulation problems, spikes and dips that are strongly associated with diabetes. The more you can improve your body’s ability to regulate blood sugar now, the less likely you will be to have insulin resistance later in life.

3) Cut out carbs from your diet: Too much blood sugar leads to an inability to process it. It also causes extra pounds that compound your risk of diabetes. Get all the carbs you can from your diet. Cut out fats if you can too. You want to rid yourself of any extraneous calories you can.

4) Get checked out: Blood tests are often used to diagnose and measure diabetes, so get checked out if there is any risk or suspicion of it in the future. Your doctor’s office can determine just how close you are to actually being diabetic and possibly prescribe remedies tailored to your individual situation that will help you turn things around.

5) Drink only water: This one is hard, and perhaps even a little extreme. However, staying hydrated has numerous health benefits. That alone doesn’t cure or prevent diabetes, but it does improve your internal bodily functions.

The real win from drinking only water is that you totally eliminate calories from your beverages throughout your life, including the not at all needed sugars of soft drinks and even teas and coffee, as well as the extra calories that come from alcohol.

When you try out any of these five ideas, you do yourself a favor. Use all five, and you have a really strong chance of preventing yourself from ever becoming diabetic in the first place. Be mindful of your health; you and your future years are worth it.