Excessive Dry MouthA dry mouth can be very uncomfortable. There are several causes for excessive dry mouth. Thankfully, most of these have remedies. Here are some causes of dry mouth as well as some remedies.

Most of the time, excessive dry mouth can be caused by some medication. Most of the drugs that are used as antihistamines and those used to treat insomnia are common causes of dry mouth. These medicines most of the time have components that reduce the ability of the salivary glands therefore causing the mouth to become dry. To stop this, one should have lots of water and they should also take beverages regularly.

Another known cause of dry mouth is too much caffeine intake. Taking too much coffee can often cause one to get dry mouth. Reduction of caffeine intake is the best way to reduce this. Apart from that, there is also tobacco which causes the mouth to be dry. People who take tobacco often get the feeling of their throats being dry.

Dry mouth is also caused by too much consumption of alcohol. Alcohol dehydrates the body so it goes without saying that it will do the same for the salivary glands. It is advisable to reduce consumption of alcohol and to drink lots of water after taking alcoholic drinks so that one can avoid getting a dry mouth. It is also important to avoid mouthwash that contains too much alcohol.

In addition to that, smoking is another cause for dry mouth. Just like caffeine, the nicotine in the cigarettes makes the mouth feel dry. It is important that one stops smoking as it also harmful to the lungs.

A dry mouth results in to one having wounds in the mouth as well as bad breath. It is advisable to treat any symptoms of dry mouth as soon as possible to prevent further damage to the mouth. The most common symptoms for dry mouth are; a dry tongue and throat, a feeling of frequent thirst and dry lips as well as hoarse voice.

Anyone who has a dry mouth could try eating ice cubes regularly throughout the day and drinking lots of water during and after meals. This will help the salivary glands to make more saliva hence reducing the dryness in the mouth. It is also important that one breathes through the nose as breathing through the mouth causes the tongue to feel dry due to the air. Apart from that, one should avoid sleeping in a dry room as much as possible. It is recommended that one keep a humidifier to prevent the room from becoming too dry while they are asleep.

One can also try stimulating the salivary glands by using mouthwash and also chewing gum. It is advisable to stay off the sugar based chewing gum though as too much sugar also causes dryness of the mouth. classic couriers canberra | canberra’s locally owned courier company

Some women may get dryness of the mouth from hormonal imbalances especially during pregnancy. It can also happen during breastfeeding as the milk can cause dehydration in the mother’s body. Lots of fluids are advisable during these times.