Acupuncture-sliderAcupuncture is a popular procedure all over the world. However, many pregnant women and their partners often have many questions about acupuncture during pregnancy. The following are the top five questions about acupuncture during pregnancy answered.

1. During Pregnancy, Is It Safe To Get It?

The simple answer is yes. A skilled acupuncturist should know the acupuncture points to avoid during pregnancy and those that are important. If you are pregnant or suspect that you are pregnant, it is best to inform your acupuncturist so that he may avoid those points.

2. During Pregnancy, For Which Conditions Does It Help?

It helps with several conditions some pregnant women suffer from such as back pain, morning sickness, gestational diabetes, ligament pain, fatigue, constipation, heartburn, and premature cervical ripening. If you suffer from any of these, you need to alert the acupuncturist so that he may tailor treatments accordingly.

3. When Should You Start Going For The Treatments And How Often Should You Go?

If already pregnant, you need to visit the acupuncturist soonest possible to help relieve symptoms of morning sickness and other symptoms common in the first trimester. For a healthy pregnancy, you need to visit the acupuncturist every other week to ensure that the pregnancy is advancing smoothly.

If you have had trouble with previous pregnancies, you may need treatments that are more frequent, especially in the first trimester, to help keep you strong and healthy. During the final weeks, you may need to get treatments that are more frequent. They help you prepare for labor.

4. Does It Help To Induce Labor?

It does not induce labor. However, when it is almost time to deliver, it will help you prepare for labor and delivery. Stress is a major battle that pregnant women struggle with during pregnancy. It helps in relieving stress in these moments.

If the hospital’s policy allows, or if your insurance covers it, you may invite your acupuncturist to perform it in the delivery room. If you think that you will need to have an acupuncturist with you in the delivery room, it is best to prepare for this in advance.

5. Is It Necessary After Delivery?

It is important to continue with the treatments after delivery. It helps get rid of depression and fatigue which are common symptoms after delivery. Regular acupuncture treatments are important aids in restoration and recovery of strength after you have delivered. They will help you as you begin the wonderful journey of motherhood.